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In the business of buying and selling, there must always be a few rules and regulations. These are formulated to help you, as our customers, to understand the process of our business, and to protect your rights. Below are just a few things you need to read about shopping instore and online with Hoptroff & Lee. Please read the relevant sections.

 Thank you.


Antique and vintage items are old and therefore will show signs of age and use. Items are "sold as seen". Expert advice is available. At our additional retail space you may ask staff to contact us if you have any specific queries. Please ensure that you check the item carefully before purchase.


Our online service is via Etsy, an online selling platform. To purchase our goods online you must abide by Etsy rules. Please read carefully our individual tailored shop policy which accompanies our listings. This must be upheld when shopping with us at Etsy.

We abide by Distance Selling Guidelines, and Privacy rules (GDPR). These can be found on the Etsy website, and GDPR is stated in full below.

Anyone can join Etsy as a guest for free.

You must register a debit/credit card or Paypal details with Etsy when you join.

You may request to view any online item in our main shop by contacting us in the first instance, and pay in store without extra postage/courier costs.


An item on our shop website can be reserved with full payment and this is via Paypal or payment can be in the shop by cash or card. It is the buyer's responsibility to collect the item from our main shop and take care when moving and handling heavy or bulky items.

Buyers can request to view the item on request prior to purchase.


Refunds are at our discretion and we look at cases individually. If this is approved, the item must be returned in person within 14 working days and be seen to be in the same condition as when it left the shop. Refunds will not be given if the above is not upheld.


In store, we accept cash payments, and card payments both chip and pin, and contactless. The same applies within our additional retail space at The Corn Exchange.

If you are paying remotely for your purchases you must have a Paypal account, or pay in store by any of the above methods.


Hoptroff & Lee are not a valuation service. We may make you an offer for your goods based upon current trend, general market price and reality of sale price in our shop. Please refer to our "Selling your items to us" page on this website.


To​ comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we do not store customer details. Any previous records have been destroyed. We do not possess or operate any software that enables us to keep any such records. You can invite us to contact you by using our form on the "Contact Us" page of this website, or by emailing us. Once we have seen your query on the website, the form automatically clears, so no information is kept, nor is it stored in any part of our Stamford shop or computer/mobile phone system. Your details are not passed to any third party. The contact you have invited us to make is a once-only event. Should you wish us to contact you again, please use the form/email. Should you see your own personal image in any of our website photographs or any social media video or image initiated by Hoptroff & Lee, you can ask us to remove it at any time.