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Sunny Morning in Cheyne Lane!

Cheyne Lane attracts shoppers due to its quaintness, and little shops and businesses here and in next door Stamford Walk!

Stamford Sunshine!

Stamford Walk is adjacent to Cheyne Lane. Stroll through for shops and cafes

Stamford Walk

Cheyne Lane at dusk

We love our Lane!

Cheyne Lane at dusk with the old "gas" lamp

Good Morning from 

Hoptroff &Lee!

An early summer morning in the lane!


                  OUR JULY 2021 WINDOW                                                    DISPLAY!

Garden ornaments

Spring Gardening

Our first window display since lockdown lifted!

Spring Garden Window April 2021

June Garden Display

Open for business!

Stamford in Bloom 

and rustic gardening in June!

Shoppers in Cheyne Lane

A lovely sunny Friday morning! Market day in Stamford sees a large influx of visitors and shoppers in the streets and lanes!

Shoppers in Cheyne Lane

Old Bicycle with plants, sold as garden display!

Another Seaside Window!

This giant yacht was sold on Instagram to a lady who lives in a Yacht builder's cottage!

Giant Yacht

Music From The Stars Window 

The display featured musical instruments, sheet music, vinyl records, and vintage accessories.

Apothecary Window 

Part of our Halloween month featuring medical history and horror. This display was followed closely by ghouls and ghosts in our late October graveyard display!




Fireside accessories and lamps for winter warmth!

Giant stone lions pair sold within 5 minutes!


We always have a spring gardening window to bring hope to all you gardeners out there! This one featured vintage birdhouses, old terracotta pots and stone garden ornaments!

Spring Gardening Event


Retro Bar!

Christmas is the time of year we sell most of our vintage breweriana! 

We feature old and rare bar-top advertising, branded glasses, and ice buckets. We always have a seasonal 

bar ware display in the window in November, just to get you in the festive mood!

Meow! Staffordshire Cats Pair

Tony Wood, Toni Raymond, Arthur Wood

The Vintage Tea Garden

A display of collector's novelty vintage teapots, from rabbits to cats, owls to motor cars.

Cage and Crown!

Mannequins, crowns, jewellery, compacts and hat stands in a 

fairy light display!

Cane Mannequins, Stratton compacts and original vintage signage

Homepride Fred Spice pots

Grocer's Window

The Butchers, the Bakers.....!

Fun in Cheyne Lane! 

Stamford Carnival Week

We should have asked him to clean the windows while he was up there!

Mystery piece, but we did see an identical one in a vintage episode of Dr. Who and the Sea Devils!

Blow torches make a great display!

Man Cave

Classic Car and Garage items, automobilia, boy's toys!

Christmas and

fireside display 

Sparkly and welcoming with 

gifts for all!

Car and Garage

Classic Car and Garage

Original vintage and vintage-inspired car and garage items are highly collectable these days

Imposing Tutankhamun pair