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Good Morning from Hoptroff &Lee!

An early summer morning in 2019. This ladder was a popular sight for a few days!

Open for business as usual June 2019!

Stamford in Bloom and rustic gardening were the themes!

Shoppers in Cheyne Lane

A lovely sunny Friday morning! Market day in Stamford sees a large influx of visitors and shoppers in the lane!

Seaside Window July 2019

This giant yacht was sold on Instagram to a lady in Essex who lived in a yacht-builder's cottage. We love to know where our items finish up!

Hoptroff & Lee at the Corn Exchange

Our additional retail area in Broad Street, Stamford

For 2020 we are turning our display area into a specialist emporium featuring railwayana, automobilia and doll's house furniture!

Music Window 

Winter 2019

This featured musical instruments, sheet music, records, and vintage accessories.

Apothecary Window October 2019

Part of our Halloween month featuring medical items from the past. This display was followed very closely by ghouls and ghosts in our late October graveyard display!

Winter warmth bench display featuring the rich tones of copper and wood! Cosy and bright!

Autumn 2018

Spring Garden Window

Easter 2018

We always have a spring gardening window to bring hope to all you gardeners out there! This one features vintage birdhouses, old terracotta pots and stone garden ornaments!

Retro Bar!

December 2017

Christmas is the time of year we sell most of our vintage breweriana! One year we sold 7 sets of Babycham glasses for champagne and Prosecco parties!

We feature old and rare bar-top advertising, branded glasses, and ice buckets.

The TEA Garden

Summer 2019

This was a display of some lovely novelty vintage teapots, from rabbits to cats, owls to motor cars.

Cage and Crown!


Mannequins, crowns, jewellery, compacts and hat stands!

Grocer's Window


We could have sold this metal butcher's sign 100 times over!

Everyone welcome at H & L! 

(His legs weren't really that long!)

Stamford Carnival Week June 2019

Man Cave

Summer 2019

Classic Car and Garage items joined in the fun this year! We have now expanded this section to include boy's toys, badges, tools and keys.

Christmas with fireside display 2018

Sparkly and welcoming!