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Antics in the Alley 


The Cheyne Lane Gang!

Plan your visit to include Cheyne Lane today and meet our lovely neighbours in the shops, eateries and services here...

Cheyne Lane (pronounced "Chainey")

Stamford is characterised by its little lanes filled with independent shops and cafes. Cheyne Lane is one of these.

There are no real clues as to the meaning of "Cheyne" although some early origins of the word suggest that it refers to the Oak tree,

 and more specifically has the meaning "Oak-hearted". 

Cheyne Lane is just off the High Street directly opposite "Seasalt" and is the home of Hoptroff & Lee. 

If you find yourself on St. Mary's Street you can walk up Cheyne Lane next to The Stamford Cheese Cellar.

You can also access Cheyne Lane through Stamford Walk by walking under the archway past The Stamford Fabric Company!

Cheyne Lane is a direct thoroughfare from the large car parks on 

Bath Row and Wharf Road. You can walk right past Hoptroff & Lee on your way into town! Look out for the Cheyne Lane street sign 

(St. Mary's Street end) and our blue and white wall signs (both ends of the lane).

Cheyne Lane is a thriving community that works together to ensure your enjoyment. 


Antiques in the Alley

No. 4 Cheyne Lane

An Aladdin's Cave!

A very warm welcome from 

Corinna Hoptroff and Jamie Lee!


Kitchen Deli Coffee

No.5. Cheyne Lane

Chris, Steve and Carly say...

"Pop in for breakfast, coffee and cake, lunches and afternoon tea".

Right next door to Hoptroff & Lee! Come in for a while to consider that purchase at the antiques shop next door!


Reopening soon!

Anna Couture

No. 17c St.Mary's St.

(shop entrance in Cheyne Lane)

Anna's wedding dresses, prom gowns, handbags, and jewellery will amaze you. She also performs sewing alterations by appointment! Anna has a second shop in St.Martin's for your continued delight!

Stamford Hair Studio

No.5a Cheyne Lane

Jacob and Anna outside Stamford Hair Studio.

The Stamford Cheese and Wine Cellar

No. 17 St. Mary's St., on the lower corner of Cheyne Lane.

Peter and Karen provide a warm welcome with the latest gins, wines, whiskies, ales, Havana Cigars, cheeses, meats, mediterranean gift/kitchen ware and much more.

Envy Hair Design

No. 17b St. Mary's St.

(salon on Cheyne Lane)

Nicki offers hair design to the highest standard!

Graffiti Beauty

No. 5a Cheyne Lane

Within The Stamford Hair Studio.

Caroline offers nail work, make-up and aromatherapy.

Cheyne Lane looking towards High Street

At this end of the lane you can walk beneath the overhanging timber-framed buildings of times gone by.

Cheyne Lane looking towards St Mary's St.

At the end of the lane, bear right for St Mary's church 

and the town bridge.